Team Fortress 2 First Annual Manniversary

Valve today, announced the first annual “Manniversay Update and Sale” to celebrate the fourth year of Team Fortress 2, the first full year of the in-game Mann Co. Store and $2 million earned by community items creators.

President of Valve Gabe Newell said, “The ‘Mann Co. Store’ represents an important new direction for games and game makers. By leveraging and extending the platform features of Steam, Team Fortress 2 has enabled a viable marketplace for independent content creators and significantly extended the gameplay experience in an incredibly short amount of time.”

The Manniversary Update includes several new features, including Steam Workshop, an improved item submission system that allows community item-creators to test, share and track the status of their creations. The entire TF2 community will also be allowed to participate by browsing, rating and offering feedback on all submitted items. The Steam Workshop will be fully integrated with the Steam community.

In addition, the update will also include 30 new hats and cosmetic items, an item decal system, weeklong “try before you buy” item tryouts, loadout presets, multiple miscellaneous items slots, improved game performance, and a new taunt.

To top it off, almost everything in the Mann Co. in-game store will be on sale until Monday, October 17th.

Source: Team Fortress 2 Blog


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