Skyrim World Map Leaked

The last thing I saw before my social life ended

Adventure inclined gamers now have a better picture of what their schedules will look like this November.

Thanks to someone with the user name ‘Mehrunes Artem,’ Russian Elder Scrolls website,, has dug up the full map for Bethesda’s upcoming RPG behemoth, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

Not surprisingly, the new province, Skyrim, looks incredibly mountainous. The last game in the series that had this many mountains was the 2002 release of Morrowind, which is still regarded by many Elder Scrolls enthusiasts as the best game in the series.

The map above is the English version, translated by game news site Myona. Look and click down below for the full size map in all its Russian glory.


The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim will be released November 11 of this year.










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It all started with a 30+ page FAQ on Mechassault back on his high-school lunch breaks. Since then, Kyle has graduated from the award winning journalism program at Humber College and has written for and managed several game editorial/news publications.