Keiji Inafune Crashes the Waves with New 3DS Pirate Game

Since leaving Capcom, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune has went on and created two start-up companies, Intercept and Comcept. While Comcept was born to tackle entertainment from a variety of sources such as events, video, books, and music, Intercept was geared more towards traditional game development. Today, Keiji announced the first title that will be coming from Intercept, titled King of PiratesKAOI in Japan – an action adventure game for the 3DS, that is set on the high seas and due to release in Japan in 2012.

Not giving away any details of what the game actually about, he does provide insight about the ideals of his game. Starting off with “the right wins, the wrong losses,” the ideal doesn’t resemble the situations found in real life; the person who wins is the “strongest”, not “righteous”. He asks “Why does one hunger for “strength?”

What I want to KAIO to Visualize is “human appeal” itself. What is beyond right and wrong” or the good and bad?” What is truly waiting for me in the end?

No details about the game coming across seas, but a translated section of the website indicates that it might.

He notes that there is still a lot of work to be done before the completion of the game, but he guarantees that he will not disappoint you.


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