NVidia Releases Graphics Guide for Battlefield 3

Saying Battlefield 3 is “pretty” is kind of like saying Maxim girls are “cute.” The game, in all it’s gun-blazing glory, is gorgeous (but those ladies really are just cute, reader-wives). To fully experience it, you need a pretty hefty rig. Thankfully NVidia are coming to our rescue with one of the most in-depth graphics guides this year to make sure it runs as good as it looks.

Want to know what you’re giving up by not going cranking up the AO, AF, and MSAA? (Not that AA… but you really should seek help. We care about you). They explain what each setting does, how it impacts performance, and then give you a nice screenie to put it all in perspective.  Speaking as a gamer that likes to turn down the things I don’t notice much anyways, I wish every game had a guide like this. I’m looking at you Witcher 2.


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Author: Christopher Coke View all posts by
Chris is a lifelong gamer that brings his writing degree to bear at Vagary TV, Rift Watchers, and Game By Night. His current game of choice is RIFT, though he can often be seen plumbing the depths of Call of Duty, Darksiders, and virtually everything Rockstar.