EA Says Online Pass Raises $10-15 Million in Revenue

Earlier this year, EA introduced its Online Pass system to combat the used game market by restricting online features until a player entered a one-time pass code that unlocked said features.

The code comes with new copies of the game but being one-time use only players buying the games second-hand would have to purchase another code for $10.

CFO for EA Eric Brown, spoke at Citi 2011 Tech Conference and told listeners that the publisher’s Online Pass system has raked in $10-15 million. He does note however, that although sales are not high, the revenue from purchased Online Passes comes from users that “consumed bandwidth for free.”

What do you guys think of Online Pass, do you think it’s a fair deal to have to pay for online features when you decide to purchase a use game? Do the publishers have any other options when they receive no money from the purchase of used games?

Source: Gamasutra


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  • Graham

    I buy virtually all of my games new and I often ignore the multiplayer part of a game, so this doesn’t really affect me. I understand why they would implement this – who wouldn’t want to make something off of what is essentially a lost sale.