Pax Prime 2011: The Final Iconic FemShep

From the conception to finalization there has been a bit of controversy of the whole ordeal. When the blond haired concept won by a landslide in the first vote, fans and bloggers took the boards saying how upset they were about a blond bombshell Shepard.

Little did they know that Bioware had another round of voting in the mix. This time however, it would be about hair color. Apparently, fans prefer redheads and, at Pax Prime, Bioware has finally announced the winner. This version of female Shepard, seen above will be the new default option in Mass Effect 3 as well as getting face time in a new trailer and appearing on the Collector’s Edition box.

Even though we all have our own version of FemShep, do you agree with how it all went down? Do you like the final product?


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