Pax Prime 2011: Guilds in Guild Wars 2

People who attended the big Guild Wars 2 Panel on the second floor of the Seattle Sheraton Hotel got a special surprise at the end of the panel. Eric Flannum, Lead Game Designer partially lifted the veil on their Guild system for Guild Wars 2.

They will allow players to join as many guilds as they want but they will only be able to represent one guild at any given time. As a result, you will only be able to see the guild chat of the guild you’re currently representing but it will be extremely easy to switch on the fly.

Wanting to provide incentives to joining a guild, guilds will have a progression system. Using influence as a currency, guilds will be able to unlock benefits, such as storage, buffs and calendars. Guilds will also be able to purchase keeps in WvW PvP, you’ll be able to improve them and they will play an important role in the conflict.

The Guild system is still very much a work in progress and things are be subject to change but it’s a good thing that ArenaNet addressed one of the important features of their game before the inevitable dark void that follows Gamescom and Pax conventions.


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