Nintendo Redesigns the Wii and Drops the Price

Perhaps following in the footsteps of the PS3 price drop and the introduction of the budget PSP, Nintendo today announced that they would be redesigning the Wii and lowering its price just in time for the holiday season.

Design wise the Wii will have its traditional white slab of paint sporting a slimmer design – removing ports and will sit horizontally instead of vertically. Along with the new hardware they are introducing the Family Bundle, that will come with a Wii Remote Plus controller, the Nunchuck, along with copies of Wii Sports and Wii Party; there will also be other unannounced bundles later on in the year.

The exact price of the redesigned console hasn’t been announced but potential buyers should be wary as the new console will not support GameCube games or the controllers. Solely aimed at getting some more Wiis of the shelves, it makes sense that they would squeeze the last bit of juice out of their current console before the launch the Wii U.

At the moment, the new SKUs will only be available in Europe as Nintendo of America has no interest of bringing it to North America.


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