Gamescom 2011: Carbine Studios Announces WildStar

A few years ago, veteran designers who worked on World of Warcraft, Everquest 1 and 2, and Warhammer Online joined forces and formed Carbine Studios. Since then they have been toiling away at creating their rendition of a MMO and finally early this morning they officially revealed their game to the public.

WildStar is a stylistic sci-fi/fantasy that will take players to the world of Nexus, a long forgotten land littered with ancient technology and magic. There players will traverse its beautiful lands to unveils it mysteries. The big question however, is what makes this MMO stand out from the rest; it doesn’t have the clout of Star Wars and doesn’t have the revolutionary ideas of Guild Wars 2. Carbine is seeking to differ itself through what they call ‘paths’, a special calling if you will that players will have to choose when they pick their race and a class. Paths will offer unique experiences catered to four distinct types of gamers The Explorer, The Soldier, The Scientist, and The Settler.

The Explorer’s Path is for those who love to explore the world. This path will offer extra quests that involve finding points of interest using a tracking device. It won’t just be a go here, go there experience, players can expect to have to maneuver over difficult terrain, even using gravity like lifts to get to hard to reach places. From there you’ll have to find the sweet spot and plant a beacon where you’ll chart out the land as well as, provide addition Intel about some of the creatures in that area in the process netting you additional rewards and exp.

The Soldier’s Path is a bit more straight forward, as players who choose this path will be able to activate public quests that breakdown as the tradition kill X quests that involve defending a position or protecting an NPC from waves of monsters. Most of these quests will happen in public areas so other players will be able to participate in them as well. The Soldier’s Path brings the party with them no matter where they go.

The Scientist’s Path is for those who love lore and collecting things. Tasks will be scanning various objects, creature, and monuments that will reveal secrets. The quests in this path will tie in with the story quests so they feel integral to the experience in contrast to being additional fluff.

The Settler’s Path is meant the players who like to socialize with friends. Little is known about this path, but it is being built towards helping NPCs around town and helping other’s paths achieve path-oriented goals.

Aside from the extra flavor that paths provide, Wildstar functions like your basic MMO with the exception of a few tweaks. At the moment, you have your classic warrior class that using AoEs and special follow-up skills to mow down groups of enemies. The Spellslinger, a rogue that utilizes dual pistols and magic to combat foes in a fast and visually impressive manner and lastly you have the Esper, a mage that utilizes various magic to combat foes including dropping a fist from the sky to wipe out a group of mobs.

In terms of combat, you’ll be rewarded by properly dodging and interrupting enemy attacks with the Momentum Meter that builds the more you achieve those actions. In turn, it will offer an experience bonus to those skillful enough to build the meter.

Carbine has stated that WildStar will have standard MMO features such as auction houses, trade skills, public quests, and more. No release has been set but you can register for beta over at their newly launched site. Check out their new cinematic trailer and gameplay footage.


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