Gamescom 2011: Sony Introduces Budget PSP

In addition to lowering the price of the PS3, Sony also announced a Europe-exclusive budget PSP model — dubbed the PSP E-1000. It will have slighty improved hardware design then the PSP-3000 but will not have Wi-Fi capability; a decent trade off for the price point of 99 Euros.

Owners of the budget PSP will have to receieve updates via the PlayStation Website, since they won’t have access to Wi-Fi. Looking to milk a bit more out of the PSP until the PS Vita launches, they also will release budget titles, including Eye Pet Adventures and Fifa 12, alongside the PSP E-1000 for 9.99 Euros a pop.


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  • Not cheap enough if it lacks Wi-Fi. It’s easy to find 3000’s for just over 99 Euros in Norway, let alone in the rest of Europe, where things are dramatically cheaper.

  • Good to know from someone from the area.