Ken Levine Talks PS Vita, Move and Infinite

On the PlayStation Blog, Irrational Games founder Ken Levine discusses some of the challenges and improvement he want to bring the Bioshock Infinite, as well as touch upon development on PlayStation and Vita.

He talks about a wide range of topics, including Songbird, one of the antagonists found within the game, who is Elizabeth’s “keeper.” He describes Songbird as a representation of the environment similar to how the Big Daddy represented the ocean with its underwater apparel.

“The mouth has this tube like thing, like a pilot mask’s, he has leather, he has wings. We wanted him to look like he owned the sky, he belong there yet still be a part of Columbia.”

He also talks about some of the improvements he wanted to make, in particular combat. In BioShock, players had a lot of tools to play with, but the gameplay didn’t require them to use it all. With the level design of Infinite, he hopes to address these issues by providing more robust encounters  — such as using a Sniper Rifle to pick off guys shooting at you from a distance.

He also talks about the PlayStation various platforms. He mentions that they have a leg up on the PS3, since they built the new engine with all platforms in mind and they are ready to put the multiple cores of the PlayStation to good use. Levine makes a nod a Killzone for effectively utilizing the PlayStation Move, and when talking about the PS Vita, he really like the dual analog sticks, because it will allow him to play a shooter on the handheld where others have failed to make an enjoyable experience.

“You can finally play a shooter, a real shooter, on a handheld. Seriously, that’s a hole in my soul right now.”

BioShock Infinite, comes out for PC, PS3, and 360 in 2012. Retailers have the game listed for February, but 2K and Irrational have not given an official date yet.


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