OnLive Gives 30 Percent Discount to PlayPack Members

Cloud gaming just got a whole lot more affordable.

Last night, OnLive – the cloud gaming service – announced that its PlayPack is now going to include the benefit of 30 percent off all purchases. This deal includes all titles and extends to new releases and AAA preorders, as well. Customers of the PlayPack can even purchase the OnLive Microconsole and controllers for a lessened fee. Better yet, the 30 percent discount can also be compounded with existing discounts, deals and promotions.

The PlayPack, for $9.99 a month, already boasts unlimited access to over 70 available titles like Shatter and World of Goo, and it’s arguably the most enticing aspect of OnLive. With titles like Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the way and the support of mega publishers like Ubisoft, this makes that deal all the sweeter.

For many, this may be what OnLive needs to push those who are unconvinced over onto their side of the fence. The service, while functional, doesn’t quite meet the standards of PC and console visual fidelity and suffers from response lag, so paying shelf prices for titles can seem a bit lofty. Not only that, but the reliance on a stable Internet connection may put many would-be consumers at unease.

OnLive has had a bit of a slow roll convincing people that cloud gaming is a viable alternative, but that’s not to say they haven’t found a fair amount of success with their platform. Many gamers have voiced their appreciation for not having to deal with DRM, installing and updating their games.

It’s hard to say just how OnLive is going to fare in the coming years, but by embracing the frugal gamer, they may just have a shot at pioneering the “digital distribution revolution”.  In the meantime, OnLive promises that the 30 percent discount will be available to PlayPack customers for as long as they’re subscribed.


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