Action MMO Tera to Beta Test in Early 2012

Chris Hager, North American Producer for Tera got on the horn this morning and stated that they finally have a time table in place for release and beta testing. Tera is looking at a Spring 2012 release window with alpha testing being conducted later on this year with beta following early 2012.

Tera is a Korean MMO that sports an action-oriented style of combat. Instead of the usual point and click and skill rotation, Tera function more like an action game with manual targeting, combos and dodging.

Chris goes on to outline there intentions during testing. During their Alpha test they will be looking to test PvP server settings, overall progression, quest feedback, BAM (big-ass monster) fights, our brand new platform (account management), and a lot of other things. They will then take the feedback they receive during Alpha testing and continue to tweak and polish the game so it will run like a well-oiled machine come time for Open Beta as they expose more and more people to the game.

The game has been out in Korea for quite some time but has been held back for a western release with Chris Lee commenting that “The game’s action combat and depth has generated a lot of interest, and we are committed to making sure every aspect of the game lives up to our standard of quality.”


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