Preorder Battlefield 3 from Origin and Get Early Access

We’ve talked about EA’s games being removed from Steam for cloudy reasons as well as, EA making moves to promote their own digital distribution service Origin by making Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic digitally exclusive to their service. There is a sweet deal for those who pre-order Battlefield 3 using the Origin system as you’ll get the full gambit of bonuses including early access to the September beta.

Open Beta for Battlefield 3 (Origin Exclusive)
Players who pre-order the game from Origin will be granted early access to the Open Beta for Battlefield 3 when it goes live in September 2011.

Pre-load and Get Ready to Play at Launch

Pre-order the PC Digital version of Battlefield 3 Limited Edition through Origin to preload your game before it launches. Preloading insures means you can play the minute Battlefield 3 releases instead of waiting to install.

Physical Warfare Pack (Bonus item for PC Download purchases only)

Get physical with the help of some extra fire power.

  • Type 88 LMG with bipod
  • Flechette Ammo for DAO-12 Shotgun
  • Flash suppressor for SKS sniper rifle
  • Day 1 Access to the DAO-12 Shotgun

Back to Karkand Expansion Pack (included with the Limited Edition)

This themed expansion pack includes:

  • Four Legendary Maps from Battlefield 2 re-imagined with Frostbite Technology
  • Classic Battlefield 2 Weapons and Vehicles
  • Unique Rewards, Achievements/Trophies, and more

Battlefield Play4Free Items (Origin Exclusive)

  • 870 Combat Shotgun
  • Beret

EA is definitely making a hard push to coax people into using their service as you get the best bang for your buck with Origin. A question for the readers, will any of this persuade you to use their system or does it keep you further away?


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  • Don Parsons

    I can understand them trying to push their platform, but to flat out say BF3 isn’t launching on Steam is a mistake. If they want to persuade people to use Origin, drop the price $5 (it’s their platform, afterall), or don’t give Steam preorders any bonus’. There are plenty of things EA could have done to push their platform.

  • True enough, Perhaps they just want to make a super strong push but yeah it can potentially backfire or people just end up using it for a handful of games. I’m probably will only use it for Star Wars: The Old Republic since I play other EA published titles on my Console

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