Commando Perk Removed from Modern Warfare 3

Unfortunately for some and  a joy to others, the commando perk from Modern Warfare 2 has been removed and won’t be making an appearance in Modern Warfare 3. For those of you unfamiliar with the perk, this bonus allowed you to lunge at your opponent for an instant knife-kill from what some considered to be a excessive distance. This resulted in builds that allowed players to go “knife only” throughout entire maps.

The perk was considered by the community to be extremely overpowered in the smaller closer-knit maps featured in the game, and it appears that Infinity Ward thinks so too. Robert Bowling, creative strategist of the studio, tweeted simply “Commando is no longer in the game.”

Players: do you agree with this decision and/or will this affect the way you play the game?

Thanks, Joystiq.


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Author: VTV Staff View all posts by
  • Heh… this might be enough to get me into MW3 multi. I hated the knife people.

  • Kyle Baron

    There hasn’t been a balanced Call of Duty game with good map design since #4. This still doesn’t change my mind on the series. These days, I get my fix from Bad Company 2/vietnam/1943, Section 8: Prejudice, and -before its community died- MAG.

  • The perk never really bothered me any. My playstyle was a bit different and I didn’t really have to worry about that as long as I payed attention

  • Don Parsons

    This should make more people happy, as I heard more complaining about it than people using it. It only takes one person in a match to ruin a game.