DICE: Battlefield 3 Console Maps are More ‘Compact’ + Jets!

In an interview with Gamezone.de, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach explained some of the differences in Battlefield 3’s multiplayer mode between PC and consoles. “The biggest difference between the PC and console version of Battlefield 3 is that we have 64 players on PC and 24 players maximum on console. The rest is more or less the same: we use the same engine, the same technology, the same animation system, the same lighting system. Our aim is to give the player the exact same experience and not try to dumb down the console version.”

Bach ensures players that “Everything is a compromise. It’s not that we’re evil or stupid. We didn’t choose not to have more players – we would love to do 64 players on console but then we would have to cut away so much; people would get very upset that it looked worse, played worse and wasn’t as fun as the PC version. We would never do that because the fun is always more important.

Another compromise Bach mentioned is compacting the maps on the console versions, although he assured players that “it’s not that we have cut them in half. But we tried to compact them slightly to keep the action up” Also confirmed from the interview is the inclusion of Jets on the console versions.

All versions of Battlefield 3 are set to release this October.

Source: CVG



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  • MagnusR

    Sure hope cutting off parts of the maps does not impact the depth and wealth of tactical options too much. Finding clever ways to flank is a huge part of what makes Battlefield so sweet.