Indie Developer calls out Microsoft to improve XBLIG

Robert Boyd head of Zeboyd Games has called out Microsoft and said that they must improve promotion on the games using the XBLIG platform. The statement came after they released two of their games, Cthulhu Saves The World and Breath of Death VII on Steam and made more money in a week than 18 months on XBLIG.

It’s easy to turn on your Xbox and go to the indie section and see a number of titles up for grabs with not much to go on besides user reviews and ratings that could have possibly been rigged by fans or other users. In a interview with Boyd addresses the pros and cons of the platform.

“XBLIG is a great solution for new developers. It’s cheap, easy to learn, and has a great community of people that are willing to help each other… However, from a perspective of actually making good money, I do not believe it is a viable platform.

The greatest strength and greatest weakness of the service is that it’s the most open platform we’ve ever seen on any home console. Just about anyone can release an XBLIG title, and just about anyone does. As a result, the service has got a reputation for being full of garbage.”

“XBLIG basically has the low price expectations and flood of product that the Apple App Store has, combined with the low visibility of Nintendo’s digital stores – it’s no wonder most titles sell poorly. Greater visibility for the high-quality titles on the service would be a great help.”

Boyd doesn’t regret starting out on XBLIG because it allowed them to get the experience they needed as well as the positive reputation to ease the process of being approved by Steam. As touted as the XBLA platform is for offering a robust number of quality games at a much smaller price point. The entry level cousin XBLIG could use some innovation of its own to become more than a stepping stone for developers; and as a place where you can find very creative and high quality games easily.



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