Awesome PlayStation 4 Concept Design

With buzz going around about Sony gearing up to announce the PlayStation 4 next year, some people have been getting a bit ahead of themselves — like conceptual artist, Joseph Dumary. He’s created his very own concept for the PlayStation 4, and it looks pretty awesome!

The design was featured on the Website Yanko Design via CNET.

It boasts many cool features, like a 1.5TB harddrive, 4x1080p resolution output, and the ability to connect to six televisions at once. The may be a bit unnecessary, but some other interesting features are included as well. For example, the console is made out of 60% recycled material, and it sports a rechargeable battery with a zero-watt standby mode with an “Eco Restart” for resuming saved games.

Check it out!


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  • This PS4 design is pretty sick! I love how the artist included all of the “specs” he’d love to see come to the new console, LOL. iHope Sony takes note, bro! A 1.5TB drive would be SWEET for download games to the console, as would the wireless rechargeable battery feature. No cords! It could also have a no-cords wireless connectivity to WiFi enabled TVs… Possibilities are endless really. 😉