Witcher 2 Free DLC On The Way

In an update to come, The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings will be supplied with some brand new DLC content, along with tons and tons of updates and fixes. This tidbit has been announced via the community page on developer CD Projekt’s website. The DLC content provides an extra mission in Chapter 2, and it’s titled A Sack of Fluff. The Developer has said the quest will “reward those who demonstrate patience.” Other than that, not much else is known. The updates will provide some new features as well, like the ability to store items at inns.

No date has been given for this update.

CD Projekt Red has claimed that all DLC content is and always will be free. This is some refreshing news, as many companies make tons of profit on micro-transactions that often leave the consumer feeling cheated. How this will work when the game is on Xbox is still unspoken for, but this hopefully doesn’t mean that all DLC content is expected to stop coming with the Xbox version’s release. We’ll see.

Until then, enjoy the free extra content!


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